Case Files by Dr. George

With the advent of concurrent imaging during atherectomy, the risk of cutter entrapment on stent struts can potentially be avoided. Nevertheless, if this situation were to occur in malapposed struts in overlapped segments, techniques such as balloon… | Read More

The author presents a case of a 71-year-old male with history of coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, ulcerative colitis, and chronic thrombocytopenia who presented with acute onset of severe right lower-extremity claudication… | Read More

The authors present a case with the potential for microembolization mitigated by the use of proximal embolic protection utilizing a flow reversal system. | Read More

The authors present a case of right superficial femoral artery calcified stenosis treated using rotational atherectomy with aspiration thrombectomy complicated by a small non-flow-limiting dissection of the treated segment. | Read More

Although open surgical repair was previously the treatment of choice, endovascular aneurysm repair has recently become the preferred modality for abdominal aortic aneurysm when feasible. | Read More

Angiography for a 67-year-old female with history of prior cerebrovascular accidents and lower extremity claudication symptoms revealed a common ostium of bilateral common carotid arteries with a separate distal common origin of bilateral subclavian… | Read More

The authors present a case of endovascular revascularization of a chronic total occlusion via retrograde use of a re-entry catheter, which allows an alternative strategy for revascularization when antegrade approaches fail. | Read More

The authors present a case of treatment of a patient with FMD using cryoplasty with excellent angiographic result and corroborating images using optical coherence tomography. | Read More

The authors present a case of lower extremity acute limb ischemia from septic emboli treated with combined percutaneous rheolytic thrombectomy and balloon angioplasty. | Read More

This case report presents a patient with calcified infrapopliteal CTO with critical limb ischemia that was successfully crossed using a CTO catheter. | Read More